Senin, 11 April 2011

Human Clip in Hair Extensions – Big Celebrities, Big Hair

Big hair is big news right now, especially if it's celebrity hair, and usually all that big hair you see on display is courtesy of hair extensions. With the quality of real hair extensions getting better and better all the time, many celebs can look totally natural with their new hairdo in place, whatever the length!
Those in the know will tell you that as much heartache and time goes into choosing and deciding on a hair style as it does that fabulous new dress and all that sparkling jewellery. If there is a red carpet event approaching such as a high profile movie premier or perhaps even an awards ceremony, the ladies will certainly be thinking about what they want to do with their hair, often weeks in advance.
Will they wear it long or short, will they wear it sheer and up or have it down and flowing around their shoulders? What type of event is it? Who will be there? Who will see and what sort of
publicity will the female celebs receive?
There are lots of questions that have to be worked through for each and every event, because there is never a moment when a really big pop star or actress, such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston or Angelia Jolie head into the public realm without being utterly scrutinized by everyone that sees them.
The paparazzi are always at hand to snap the celebs in whatever they may be wearing or whatever kind of hair day they are having, good, bad or indifferent, and so it is that we rarely see these celebrities looking anything other than glamorous.
Very often female celebs will need to wear some kind of hair extension (human clip in hair extensions) or wig for an important movie role, in order to get completely into character and the same may be the case for pop stars as they shoot their sizzling new music videos.
There are different kinds of hair extensions, although they mainly fall into two categories, synthetic extensions or as we have already mentioned, real hair extensions, real as in real human hair. The "real" option is becoming more and more popular, especially with celebrities, as it generally tends to look more realistic.
So, next time you see your favourite actress or pop star on TV or in a movie looking really glam, check out their hair and see if you can work out if they are wearing human clip in hair extensions or not!


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